Good afternoon! Today we come with good news and that is …

We have new pressotherapy in our center! We are very happy to announce it since we have chosen one of the best in the market because for you, our customers, we always want the best 🙂

In case you did not know what the system of this machine is about, we explain a bit:

It is a medical technique indicated to achieve lymphatic drainage in people who have medical and aesthetic problems, such as alterations in the circulatory system, tired legs, spider veins, edema, cellulite and fat accumulations.

This lymphatic drainage is done by applying air to the body, and to do so, it is necessary for the person to enter a pneumatic suit equipped with a certain number of chambers that distribute air pressures throughout the affected areas of the body.

The suit consists of several parts according to the areas of the body that can be treated. For this reason, it is composed of sash (abdomen), boots (feet and legs), arms, buttocks and in our case it also consists of the back area to achieve a better result and at the same time, more relaxing.

This technique is very simple to perform, it is not painful, it is effective, healthy and quite economical. In addition, it offers immediate results and provides a feeling of relief and rest that should not be overlooked.

What are its benefits?

When the pressotherapy stimulates the lymphatic system, it causes a drainage of the lymph (transparent fluid that is produced after the excess fluid that comes from the capillaries to the intercellular space), thus eliminating accumulated fluids, toxins and fats in the body.

This air pressure is capable of breaking the accumulations of fat located in the legs and buttocks, making it circulate with the rest of the retained fluids to be discarded by the lymphatic system. Pressotherapy is also advised to achieve muscle tone and boost the immune system.

This technique is indicated for the following medical and aesthetic problems:

Treat edema and lymphedema
Stimulate the circulatory system
Treatments related to obesity
Eliminate and reduce cellulite, in addition to preventing its future formation
Remove toxins and fats from the body

Of its effectiveness, it is also very effective in post-operative treatments that involve fluid accumulation. In addition, it helps to recover the elasticity of the skin, facilitating tissue regeneration and increasing the oxygen supply to the tissues.

In which cases is the presotherapy not recommended?

Although the pressotherapy is a simple technique, not painful or invasive and that, practically has no contraindications, there are some cases in which it is not advisable to apply it:

If the patient suffers from Deep Venous Thrombosis (DVT)
If you have an infection or wound in the area to be treated
If there is pain or body numbness
In case of pregnancy
If you are an oncological patient

That said, I encourage you to make an appointment with us and try our pressotherapy because you will love it!