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After this quarantine we have many things to tell you, but this blog for all the questions and the success it is having will be directed to our SUMMER PACK, we have decided to explain and inform you here so that it is easier and you can know exactly what about.











Next, we will explain each treatment individually:


The treatment consists of applying local cold to the area of ​​the body that is desired thanks to a liquid that has alcohol, menthol and camphor, which produces a drop in body temperature in the applied area of ​​4-5 ºC.

This drop in temperature produces:

– Increased blood circulation in the area

– Mobilization of accumulated fat

– Increased cellular metabolism.

– Muscle contraction

This translates into the following results:

– Reduction of cellulite due to increased microcirculation and mobilization of adipose tissue.

– Firms tissues thanks to contraction.

– Reducing effect and weight loss, due to the consumption of adipose tissue and calories consumed by the body to restore body temperature.

– Anti-inflammatory effect and reduction of edema or swelling

– Improvement of blood circulation in the area.

– Elimination of toxins

– Reduction of fluid retention.


It is a technique that consists of the application of positive pressure, generated by a device, on different areas of the body, with the aim of promoting the circulation of blood and lymphatic flow. The device consists of a set of separate air chambers that are placed around the areas and extremities where the pressure is to be applied. The chambers are continuously inflated and deflated, which has a pumping effect on the lymphatic vessels and the circulatory system.

Its benefits:

-Improves the appearance of the skin and fights cellulite
-Helps eliminate toxins
-Relieves tiredness and heaviness in the limbs
-Eliminates edema and lymphedema
-Strengthens the muscular system
-Relieve the stress
-It increases the body’s defenses



Endermology is an exclusive technique of cellular stimulation that through the aspiration system of its head with two motorized rollers, and the action of the combination of three movements (wavy, applied at the beginning and at the end of the treatment, spike to treat the cellulite, and drawing an eight to soften the tissue of the cellulite areas) performs a deep therapeutic massage on the subcutaneous tissue and acts specifically with the aim of breaking the fat cells and releasing the fluid they contain, restoring the connective tissue. Endermology improves blood circulation, tissue microcirculation, lymphatic drainage, and the elimination of liquids and toxins. Adjustable rollers and variable suction create a skinfold that folds and unfolds smoothly under the continuous action of rollers that allow even and regular mobilization of deep tissue.

The effects of this therapy are achieved thanks to the stimulation of beta receptor cells, responsible for burning fat and evacuating waste (lipolysis). By stimulating its function, this technique allows to naturally treat the signs of skin aging, produces a detoxification of the body of fatty acids and toxins, as well as the REDUCTION OF VOLUME AND CELLULITE. In addition, it helps reduce stretch marks, increases the number of fibroblasts and the production of collagen (FIRMNESS) and elastin (FLEXIBILITY). Due to all this, the skin recovers elasticity and luminosity, achieving soft, smooth and toned skin and a much more defined silhouette.

There is no more ideal pack to prepare our bodies for summer.

This pack is created so that in just one month, you can enjoy the body you want. We get visible results in the first week and the pack lasts for a month. It consists of two weekly appointments that include: One appointment in which we work the cold bandages and the presoterpia and the other appointment we work the LPG.

We say goodbye to much of cellulite, loss of fluids, loss of volume and we achieve a great reaffirmation of the tissue.

This pack has a very affordable price since we give away the pack of 6 pressotherapy sessions!

For more information without obligation call 91178851.

Our advice is that you dare to try it, it is always much better to feel the treatment and see its effects with one session.