Happy Thursday afternoon everyone!

I wanted to make this post to emphasize the importance of our social networks in our classroom. Thanks to Facebook and Instagram, all of you can follow all our steps day by day.

What is the content in our networks?

You will have all the information about treatments that you cannot find anywhere else. Explanatory videos, before and after photos of some of our patients, videos of the treatment process and how we work them, all our offers and raffles, you can interact and ask questions and even take your appointments and much more that you can see for yourself if you follow us.


I’m going to leave our direct links below so you don’t miss anything!

I want to make a small advance so that everyone is very attentive because next month, that is within a few days … Medispa turns 3 years old! And we are going to make a great DRAW valued at more than € 500 … We leave you with the intrigue of what this great prize can be, I can only say that it will be one of the most incredible draws we have ever done and that it is a It is right for both men and women.

Why do we use this method as a fundamental tool to interact with you?

Social networks are an indispensable tool and for people of any age. Currently they have changed the way of life … and work. They allow us to interact with people who may be in the other part of the planet, allow us to connect, create content, share and disseminate them around the world.

We want everyone from anywhere in the world to see and know our room, to be able to communicate without missing a phone and share content.