Good afternoon Medistars!

Today we are loaded with new news and that is … We have one of the most requested machines in the market!

We are talking about the Laserlipo, a highly accurate and minimally invasive procedure, indicated both in the correction of irregularities and in the disproportions due to the accumulation of fat that does not disappear with diets or with physical exercise or other treatments. Therefore, it is a technique that allows to reshape the silhouette, reduce cellulite and attenuate flaccidity.



The elimination of this localized fat is achieved with the direct application of laser in the fatty tissue below the skin. Being minimally invasive, does not require hospital admission and the patient can be incorporated into the daily routine almost immediately.



In what areas can it be treated?

Abdomen: accumulated fat in the abdomen associated with flaccidity or love handles of the lower back.
Underarms: accumulated fat around the armpits.
Arms: flaccidity in the upper and inner arms.
Neck: fatty accumulations in neck and double chin.
Back: love handles in the back area.
Buttocks: it allows the elimination of fatty clusters with great ease, especially in the subgluteal fold.
Legs: thighs and hips: ideal for recovering thinner and contoured legs.
Breasts: in cases of gynecomastia or presence of breasts in men.
Knees and ankles: localized fat on the inside and upper sides of the knees and ankles.


What contradictions does the Laserlipo have?

To be able to perform this treatment the patient must not be overweight, must enjoy good health (not suffering from cardiovascular diseases, hypertension or diabetes, for example) and your skin must have enough elasticity. It is contraindicated for pregnant women.

Is there between the Laserlipo and a liposuction?

The differences with respect to traditional liposuction are several. The most obvious is the technology used, the laser, and the results obtained, since the surgery is much less invasive and the results more immediate. The lipolaser facilitates the elimination of fat by liquefying it, unlike liposuction, whose technique is based on “breaking” the fat through the cannula to be able to aspirate it.

Summer is just around the corner and this method is perfect to help us look beautiful. I hope you encourage me to try it with us and see its incredible results ūüôā