What is pressotherapy?

It is a treatment that uses air pressure, as a massage, activating the lymphatic system in order to improve circulation throughout the body. The lymphatic system is responsible for cleaning and defending the body, eliminating toxins, intestinal content and fats, and fighting germs, infections and toxic substances.


It is a very comfortable and natural treatment.

What are its benefits?

The pressure of the air first breaks down the accumulations of fat and then circulates it along with the rest of the liquids retained and toxins for its disposal through the lymphatic system.

Eliminates fats and toxins.
Eliminates and reduces cellulite.
Eliminate varicose veins.
It helps with fluid retention.
Helps reduce edema and lymphedema.
Post-operative treatment after a liposuction.


Although the pressotherapy is full of benefits we also have to take into account that it is not suitable for everyone. It will be necessary to avoid using it in case of:

Patients with circulatory problems.
Patients with heart problems, hypertension or hypotension.
Patients suffering from deep vein thrombosis, superficial thrombophlebitis or arterial insufficiency.
Patients with skin infections or inflammations.
Patients suffering from hyperthyroidism.
Oncological patients.

What is this treatment based on?

The pressotherapy machine consists of a wrap the patient or a certain area to be treated, such as legs, buttocks or abdomen and an air compressor system that controls the air pressure. This cover, thanks to the circulation and pressure of the air applied in a controlled and personalized way for each patient and on each part of the body to be treated, exerts an effect of compression and alternate relaxation that activates the lymphatic system, as a massage.

Depending on each patient and the desired objectives, more or less sessions with more or less duration will be needed. The pressotherapy machines incorporate several personalized programs for each patient’s needs and morphology.

Here in Medispa Javea we have three different options:

Loose sessions of 40min
Packs of 6 sessions of 40min
Extra of 15min

Check our prices! And if you have not yet tried this wonder … It is the ideal time since summer comes and more than one of us felt heavy legs or we started having circulation problems due to the high temperatures.