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How does this method work?

This hair removal system uses a pulsed light with a monochromatic beam. The melanin that our hair has causes the laser light to eliminate the hair from the root forever. This light causes the follicle to stop producing hair. However, several sessions must be carried out for this to work.

We must take into account that the treatment requires at least six sessions, depending on the age and the affected area. In the first session you will only remove hair in the growth phase. After four weeks, the second session can be done to eliminate another bit and in the rest of the sessions, what is left is eliminated. These sessions can last minutes or an hour, depending on the area.

One of the most treated areas is the alba line that goes from the navel to the bikini area. This consists of concentrating the light through an energy source so that it is absorbed by the hair follicle until it disappears.


The sessions are held in intervals of 4 to 6 weeks.

What is better laser hair removal or photoepilation?

When we talk about photoepilation we mean hair removal that includes laser and pulsed light but we must know that they are not the same. The main difference is found in the light that is used.

Laser hair removal is much more accurate due to the use of monochromatic light, being easier to absorb by melanin. The light goes in the same direction and wavelength through the hair, removing it from the root.

Photoepilation or pulsed light can be used on all skin types. The light is polychromatic and the light beam has different wavelengths, moving in different directions. The advantage is that it adapts to any type of skin and hair. Although its main drawbacks are that it can cause irritation or burns and its slowness, since it needs more sessions to remove hair.


What to do after laser hair removal?

Laser hair removal can cause redness or irritation. We can fight this by following these tips.

– Avoid sunbathing in the treated area during the first week and then use sunscreen throughout the treatment.

– It is recommended not to rub or exfoliate the skin during the following days and not to wear makeup.

– During the treatment you can pull the hair at the root or let it fall off alone, as it may take seven to ten days to fall out.

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