What is botox for?

Doctors have discovered that when small amounts of this toxin are used, it can have positive effects on health and aesthetics, as they help block nerve signals that cause muscles to contract. And that’s why they not only use it for the prevention or reduction of wrinkles on your face, but also to relieve migraines and spinal headaches, to avoid excessive sweat in the armpits, to reduce uncontrollable flickering and some facial tics, to correct strabismus (deviated eyes) and to treat other types of muscle problems especially in the back. Surprisingly, but it is also being studied for depression.


How can Botox reduce wrinkles and expression lines on the face?

Small doses of Botox are used to weaken and paralyze muscles or block nerves. When applied to a specific part of your face, the muscle stops receiving nerve signals and when it weakens it no longer allows it to contract. Therefore, the muscles of your face in that area, relax and thus make wrinkles and lines soften.

The place where it is most frequently applied is on the forehead, on the brow (for the lines between your eyebrows), on the neck and around the eyes and has shown to have very good results. In addition, it is a relatively simple treatment. Botox is applied by injections that take a few minutes, do not need anesthesia and the pain they produce is mild. After the injections are applied, you should wait about 1 week to start seeing the results on your face.


Does botox have side effects?

Actually the benefits of Botox are true and have been proven, so several movie stars and even the policy apply. But, as in everything, you always have to keep in mind their warnings and their side effects.

To start, Botox injections have no permanent effects, they only last between 3 and 6 months. When the effect of paralysis is passing, the muscles recover their mobility and therefore the lines and wrinkles reappear. The good news is that you can reapply the treatment.

Another caveat is that Botox injections do not have any effect on wrinkles caused by the sun or by the fall of the skin due to the effects of gravity and years. In addition, they are not recommended for wrinkles or lines that form around your mouth, because you need these muscles to eat, talk, smile, etc.

And finally, keep in mind that they may have some side effects, such as: headache; bruising, redness and pain in the area where the injection was given; flu-like symptoms; nausea or eyelid drooping For this reason they also recommend that you do not rub the area where you are injected for 12 hours and that you do not lie down for 4 hours after the injection. Fortunately these effects are not frequent and are temporary.

The best way to make sure that your botox treatment is a success is to choose a specialized doctor, who is certified in dermatology, otolaryngology or plastic surgery, and who also has experience applying Botox treatment.

Also, ask about other options. That’s why in Medispa Javea we have one of the best: Dr. Francisca that with your face in good hands, you can look younger.