When the real countdown arrives for the summer holidays, the rush usually enters us. These are the weeks in which you have to get down to work and what we can take advantage of to get treatments that help our skin get ready for sun and beach days. In Medispa Javea we know it and we do not hesitate to recommend specially in these dates protocols designed to avoid the appearance of spots, wrinkles, remove those excess fat and ensure a more uniform and durable broaching. We have made a selection with those who are still in time to enjoy and who bring to your skin so much of the face as of your body that extra that will make it impeccable to your longed for date with the summer.


The facial and corporal exfoliations are one of the star proposals in all the beauty centers in these months before the summer. This treatment combines the mechanical action of the drag, with the chemistry of its ingredients, in addition to providing the aromatic benefits of the personalized essential oils. The marine salts are the protagonists of the treatment, and have a tactile power that is noticed when applying them in all the body by means of a manual massage based on ascending landscapes. These maneuvers of drag, which run for 25 minutes throughout the body, are designed to eliminate dead cells, descale, deep clean, soften, provide smoothness, illuminate and activate circulation. It ends with a shower, after which a cream is applied that provides intense hydration and a nourishing action.

Vendas frías:

They are highly recommended to prepare the body against fluid reduction, circulation problems with high temperatures or cellulite and flaccidity.

They are bandages that are soaked with a liquid composed of three types of alcohols, methanol and camphor. As they are sterile liquids, they cause few allergic reactions.

They are widely used in aesthetic treatments for size reduction, as well as therapeutic means used in various physical therapy treatments to achieve effects such as: analgesia, inflammation, reduction of edema or swelling.


Radio frecuencia o cavitación:

In addition to the moisturizing and rejuvenating effects that this treatment exerts on the skin, it also has great benefits for weight loss and reduction of cellulite, due to the burning of fats and calories that is generated by stimulating body vasodilation.

Also, when these effects are produced in a way contained by the bandage, the typical flaccidity that the skin acquires after having lost fat is avoided.

It is the perfect treatment if we want to look smooth and tense skin this summer.

Fundamental for those who want to lose fat, cellulite or reaffirm!

Cavitation and radiofrequency are two really different procedures, but in common they have to produce an evident and aesthetic improvement to the person who wants to submit to them. As the main difference, cavitation uses low intensity ultrasound to directly attack fatty tissues. On the contrary, radiofrequency uses electromagnetic waves to improve the skin producing new collagen. In conclusion, the cavitation treatment is used to eliminate or reduce accumulated fat. On the other hand, the objective of a radiofrequency procedure is to be able to achieve a firmer skin and for this, it will be necessary to eliminate all the cellulite and flaccidity.

The Medistars countdown begins! Remember that all our treatments are personalized and our consultations are completely free for anyone who has any questions, we can help or recommend without any commitment or cost 🙂