Happy Thursday Medistars! Today we are going to show you step by step how to do perfect make up!
Make-up varies depending on skin type, skin color, whether you are going out by day or by night, the shape of your face, and also the shape and color of your eyes.

1.To start we need to make sure the skin is completely clean and hydrated.

2.Here at Medispa we apply Beauty Flash by Clarins primer with a flash effect so that the makeup will last longer.

3.We apply a base: Pro Long Wear by MAC with a wet sponge to unify the skin colour.


4.We apply the needed corrections on the face: for eyebags, contouring to make the cheekbones stand out, the forehead smaller and the nose slimmer. In this case we need to apply a darker color to the sides of the nose. Our correction palette is from MAC. We then need to blend in the corrections.

5.We then apply eye shadow. Today we will use purple tones for a smokey eyed look by MAC, as she has brown eyes and the purple will make her eyes stand out more.

6.When we have finished applying the eye shadow, we can use a CLARINS black eye liner.

7.To finish the eye area we apply a MAC black eyeliner inside the eye, followed by a MAC mascara.

8.We then fill in the eyebrows in with a brown CLARINS pencil.

9.To make the cheekbones stand out even more, we add MAC Burnt Pepper blusher and a highlighter by CLARINS.

10.Finally, we line the lips with a nude CLARINS lip liner to make them appear fuller. We then fill inside the liner with a CLARINS nude lipstick.

11.To finish the makeup up, we apply translucid powder over the whole face and we are ready to go!

We hope you enjoyed the tutorial, and that you will be able to create a flawless make up look!