Facials and Why They Are So Important

Today we are going to talk about how important facials are for both men and women.

Lots of us don’t realise that our skin needs daily care. Our skin is like a plant, if we don’t give it the vitamins and care it needs, it won’t be long before it starts to show… Every person and every skin type is different and it’s important to know what creams, vitamins, scrubs and treatments are best suited to our skin type and also what we can do to improve the skin. Here at Medispa Javea we offer free consultations so that we can examine your skin and recommend whats best for you.

Facials should be booked every 4-6 weeks because contamination and any dirt our skin produces can block our pores and stop our skin from breathing. Facials normally last around an hour, so this is an hour where you can completely relax and unwind. These are the steps we follow at Medispa Javea during a facial:



-Removal of makeup from the face and eyes

-Double cleanse

-Extraction (if necessary)

-Application of vitamins
-Eye cream


We use quality brands like Dermaceutic and Alphah, so you will see and feel the difference in your skin immediately. Remember, it’s very important to look after ourselves, both inside and outside. Not only will we be healthier, we also be happier 🙂