Eyelash extensions

Would you love to have amazing lashes?
At Medispa Javea we can help you have amazing natural looking lashes. Depending on your personal preference or the occasion, we can apply Russian volume lashes or if you prefer a more natural look we can apply lashes individually. We always use extensions made from silk, never from animal hair  🙂

Why get them done?
If you don’t have many lashes, or your own lashes are quite short, it can be the perfect solution. Another reason people get them done is so they don’t have to put mascara on every day.

Is it OK to have them on all the time? Would it be better to leave more time in between each treatment so that the eye can breathe?
Lash extensions do not damage the growth of the natural lashes. Lashes are renewed completely every 6/8 weeks and infills are every 2/3 weeks.

Can I still wear make up and take it off as I normally would?
No problem, as long as you use water based products to remove the makeup, not oil based products.

Summer is coming, is it a good idea now we will be going in the sea, swimming pool, sweating more…? 
Water does not affect the lashes. The only thing that would affect them would be any suncream that goes near them. Never allow the suncream to touch the lashes.

How long does the treatment take? 
Normally it takes around two hours, depending on what type of extension you want, and how many lashes we apply. At Medispa we always do a patch test to make sure the client is not allergic to the glue, and there’s also a form that needs to be filled out. If the client has not had an allergic reaction after 24 hours, then we can start the treatment.

Here are two of our clients before and after having their lashes done: