Body treatments


At Medispa we offer many different massages which have many wonderful benefits for your body and mind. If you are unsure of what massage is going to be the best one for you then please feel free to contact us to organise a consultation with one of our specialists.

Remodeling massage
Este masaje utiliza movimientos constantes para estimular profundamente el sistema circulatorio para la eliminación de la celulitis y mejorar la apariencia y el tono de la piel en las áreas específicas trabajadas. El efecto es duradero.

Therapeutic massage
Combination of maneuvers and technical movements through which the muscles and joints improve their mobility; The muscles and tendons are worked so they become flexible, free from daily stress, pain and fatigue.

Energetic sports massage
Improves the oxygen supply to the muscles, giving those overworked muscles a chance to recover. This massage is wonderful for sports lovers post and pre competition.

Hot stone massage
Geothermal therapy with volcanic lava stones placed in energy points of the body. Relieves muscle tension, stimulates blood circulation and rebalances the entire body. The perfect way to relax your whole body and feel brand new.

Thai foot massage
Foot massage is a truly relaxing experience, through the stimulation of reflexology points the massage leads you to a complete state of relaxation with a therapeutic and rejuvenating effect.

Thai massage with oil
It is a real practice of well-being and channeling of energy along the lines that leads to a state of deep relaxation through pressure points on the skin, massaging muscles and joints with the main intention of stimulating the deeper superficial tissues. We use stretching in this massage to improve mobility in all joints and recharge the body’s energy.

Lymphatic drainage massage
This massage acts on the lymphatic circulation, increasing the speed and thus reducing the accumulation of excess fluid. This massage is characterised by slow and gentle movements that is considered a great technique to relax with anti-cellulite effect.

Relaxing aromatic massage
A moment of total relaxation, to relieve muscle or joint pain and improve psychological well-being by releasing tension and fatigue.

Massage for future mums
Your care is essential in such an important and beautiful moment of your life, but it is very normal that you will be suffering from aches and pains and we here at Medispa know you need to be pampered to relieve back pain, sciatica, eliminate swelling of the feet and legs.

Indian head massage
Ayurvedic healing massage on the back, shoulders, arms, neck, scalp, ears and face. Soft massage, rhythmic and acupressure points with Ayurvedic oils. It works in areas affected by mental and emotional stress.

Kobido facial massage
This is a natural and effective treatment to improve the condition of the skin and minimise the aging process. The result is a shiny, luminous, fresh skin, with lasting results after a course has been done.

Shiatsu massage
Shiatsu helps to regulates the nervous system, increases our vital energy, helps us to feel more centered and in harmony with the body and mind. This massage seeks to restore the energetic and functional balance of the body so that it recovers its own power of self-healing.