Body treatments

Exfoliations and body wraps

Detoxify your body, revitalize your skin and calm your mind.

Body exfoliation:
Exfoliation is a perfect way to remove the dry/dead skin all over your body. The body naturally gets rid of the unwanted dead skin cells, but the benefits of a body scrub are wonderful to leave your skin glowing. The benefits of having a body scrub are to improve tone of the skin, circulation and the lymphatic drainage of the body. The scrub is the followed by a moisturising massage or any full body massage of your choice!

Body wraps:
Following a full body scrub, a body wrap is a magical way to completely detoxify your body. After the skin has been prepared by the scrub the pores are open to enjoy the benefits of our completely natural body wrap mask, which is made for you the moment you arrive at Medispa for your body’s unique requirements. Each wrap is followed by a full body massage and for an upgrade pick one of our specialist massages from our list to enjoy.